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Where is the love? - Fort Lauderdale [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bi, Gay and Lesbians of Fort Lauderdale and Miami

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Where is the love? [Dec. 28th, 2009|01:20 pm]
Bi, Gay and Lesbians of Fort Lauderdale and Miami


Hello everyone. Figured I should make an appearance in the room
Being that I joined this group six months ago
I have been getting a feel for Ft. Lauderdale
In a way I really like it
Right on Route 1/Fed Hwy I have come to appreciate quite a few stores...the homophobic slurs from passers by screaming out of vehicles and from men on bikes too, but anyways...
Definitely been putting my best into the gay and lesbian community
I don't see many posts from the yahoo groups that I joined nor do I see much on here either (then again I don't go looking either)
I'm definitely dealing with quite a run around from people here that are avoiding having a roommate at all costs, so survival/having my needs met has really taken a beating, if you will. Hopefully, things will get better. I've lived in a lot of different parts of the country. It's easy to just give up/get spit out. Where is the love?